Who is PMS?

Where can you hear them? 

Pat Bregant

Mary Lambert

Sandy Noltimier

July 31

...and  the band, J. Raoul Brody (piano), Elaine Herrick (double bass), Susan Jette (percussion) and others

What do they do?

From songs of the swing era to girl groups of the 50s-60s, originals and more, PMS delivers seamless harmonies  with a blend that has been charming audiences both locally and abroad for more than 25 years!

Sunday -  3-8pm (PMS starts at 4:30pm)

PMS with

J.Raoul Brody, Susan Jette & Elaine Herrick


El Rio

3158 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110


Annual Benefit for Schools for Salone
El Rio in San Francisco 4:30pm (with Pangea )  Sunday 7/31

upcoming at Mersea, noon-3pm
Sunday Aug 28